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Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto

The most peaceful university in Nigeria

Cibyar Nazarin Hausa

Professor Sadiya Omar
(Cibyar Nazarin Hausa)


Cibiyar Nazarin Hausa, (CNH) is a full-fledged centre located at the City Campus of Usmanu Danfodiyo University. It was established in October, 1983 as a research Centre which is solely devoted to the study of Hausa language and culture. Despite the existence of other research Centres for liberal arts, cultures, African and Nigerian languages, (mostly performance and linguistically oriented), this centre in the Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, is unique and first of its kind in the nation. It merits this statement, because it is solely devoted to the study of one culture and its scientific and social segment and all they encompasses in various disciplines.


  1. Conduct research in the material and non-material culture of Hausa such as linguistics, language, Literature, Culture, History, Philosophy, Education, Economics, Human Geography, Sociology, Science and Technology, Traditional Medicine, Ethnic relationship with non- Hausa etc.
  2. Organize conferences, seminars and symposia and publish their proceedings
  • Compile catalogue of materials collected and provide information about other materials elsewhere.
  1. Provide supplementary and specialized research materials, raw and digested data for research in Hausa to scholars, undergraduate and postgraduate students in the above mentioned disciplines.
  2. To assist in other functions that relate to the academic and immediate locality as well as at national and international levels.


The Centre has 5 academic staff, 2 Professors including the Director, Research Fellow 1, Assistant Research Fellow and Research Assistant. It also has an Administrative Secretary, Principal Executive Officer 1, Office Attendant and a Driver.. At present the area of specialization of the 5 academic staff is Literature. There is need to improve the strength of academic staff of other specialisation


The main assignment of academic members of the staff are to conduct research in Hausa material and non- material culture, collect and analyze the materials, edit and compile catalogue as well as publish the end results. They also have a secondary assignment of giving support to departments that need their expertise.


The Centre and staff have been engaged on a number of researches, translation and editing of some works which includes:

  1. Bargon Hikima: Diwanin Wakokin Dangaladiman Waziri Alkali (Dr.) Muhammadu Bello Gidadawa. Published by CNH
  2. Wa’azu Gonar Malam: Diwanin Wakokin Aliyu (Dr.) Umaru Nassarawa Wazirin Gwandu (1916-2000). Published by CNH
  3. International Project/Workshop on translation of Scientific Terminologies in Hausa. This was an international project which the Centre organized. Five workshops were organized in Sokoto and in Niamey, Niger Republic.
  4. Workshop on translation of KAMMALALLEN TARIHIN AFIRIKA (General History of Africa) (UNESCO project). This is a project which the Centre has been organizing in collaboration with the University of Niamey, Niger Republic. Five workshops were organized. After these workshops, Kammalallen Tarihin Afirika volumes 1, 2 and 7 have been produced, volumes 3. 4 and 6 are still in manuscript form, while volume 8 is ready for publication.
  5. Translation of Kitabu al-farq by Sheikh Usmanu Danfodiyo into Hausa which is in manuscript form by Mal. Ainu, H. A. Mal. Mu’azu Musa Jangebe and Mal. Ahmad A. Sokoto.
  6. Translation of Sullamul Hudat by Sheikh ibn Ishaq into Hausa which is in manuscript form, by Mal. Ainu, H. A, Mal. Mu’azu Musa Jangebe and Mal. Ahmad A. Sokoto.
  7. Key to Hausa and Arabic, in manuscrift by Mal. Ainu, H. A and Mal. Ahmad A. Sokoto.
  8. Towards Better Translation: a mimeograph by Prof. Dauda M. Bagari, Prof. Ibrahim A. Mukoshy, Mal. Ainu, H. A and Ahmad A. Sokoto.
  9. Key to Hausa and Arabic in manuscripts.
  10. Edition of Hausa translation of over 100 books written by Sheikh Uthman Danfodiyo, Abdullahi Gwandu, Sultan Muhammadu Bello and other scholars of the Sokoto Caliphate, by Dr. Sa’adiya Omar, Dr. Ainu, H. A and Mal. Ahmad A. Sokoto.
  11. Fasahar Mazan Jiya: Nazari A Kan Rayuwa Da Wa}o}in Malam Mu’azu Ha]eja. Published by Prof. Sa’adiya Omar
  12. Moddibo Kilo (1901-1976): Rayuwarta da Ayyukanta. Published by Prof. Sa’adiya Omar
  13. ‘Yantarun Nana Asma’u Danfodiyo: Tsarinsu da Taskace Wakokinsu. Published by Prof. Sa’adiya Omar.
  14. Malamai Mata a Daular Usmaniyya a Karni na 19 da 20. Published by Prof. Sa’adiya Omar.

Gado Girman Da: Malam Ibrahim Gandi Junaidu a Fannin Rubutacciyar Waka. Published by Prof. Sa’adiya Omar.


The academic staff of Cibiyar Nazarin Hausa have been actively engaged in academic and scholarly activities by participating in seminars, workshops and conferences.

Centre’s Internal Seminars: The Centre holds its internal seminar on quarterly basis, with presentations made by academic staff of the Centre and other specialists in the field of Hausa studies.

The Centre also organizes national conferences, seminars and workshops, recent examples are:

  1. Sabon Salon Tafiyar Adabin Hausa: Nazari a kan Finafinan Hausa da Littattafan Zamani. Taron Kasa.
  2. Rayuwa da Gudunmawar masu bunkasa Harshen Hausa. Taron Kasa a kan Nazarin Hausa.

Academic staff of the Centre attend and contribute in local and international conferences. Few examples of their attendance is as below:

  1. 1st International Conference on Hausa Studies in the 21st Century Bayero University, Kano Nigeria 10th -12 November. 2014
  2. 1st Annual International Conference on Hausa people, language and History, Past present and Future Department of Nigerian languages and linguistics, Kaduna State University, Kaduna.
  3. International Scientific Symposium on Inter-community Coexistence and Peace Building in the History of Maradi region (Maradi Kwalliya) Maradi Niger Republic 14th to 16th 2015
  4. International Conference on the Relation between the Area of Dosso (Niger) Sokoto and Kebbi (Nigeria) organized by Abdou Moumouni University, Niamey, Niger Republic, Usman Danfodiyo University, Sokoto and Kebbi State University of Science and Technology Aliero Nigeria 14th to 17th December, 2014
  5. CHAMPION OF HAUSA CIKIN HAUSA Ahmadu Bello University Zaria
  7. etc

The Centre also serves as consulting office for media and publishing houses as well as private organizations and the rest of the public sector.


Though research is the major objective of Cibiyar Nazarin Hausa, however staff of the Centre are called upon to teach Hausa courses in the Department of Nigerian Languages and supervise undergraduate and postgraduate projects of the department and other relevant departments of the University. Many undergraduate and postgraduate projects have been supervised to completion. Therefore, Cibiyar Nazarin Hausa serves students of tertiary institutions both undergraduate and postgraduate of language studies who require expert guidance in Hausa studies.


The Cibiyar Nazarin Hausa has established linkages and collaborations with the following research and documentation Centres as well as institutions of research and teaching in Nigeria and abroad.

  • Education Centre for Linguistics and History by Oral Tradition CELHTO of the organization of African Unity, Niamey
  • Institute Fundamental du Afrique Noir IFAW of Sheik Anta Diop University, Dakar, Senegal
  • Cooperation Technique Allemande Ministare de la Education Nationale, Niger Republic
  • Department of Nigerian and African Languages, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria
  • Department of Nigerian Languages, Bayero University Kano
  • Centre for the Study of Nigerian Languages, Bayero University Kano.
  • Department of languages and Linguistics, University of Maiduguri.
  • Department of Nigerian Languages, Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto.


Cibiyar Nazarin Hausa has mapped out plans for the centre as follows:

  • Establishment of a befitting Library: The Centre currently has a mini-library which is not well equipped with books and other resource materials.
  • Establishment of Hausa Museum and Hausa Cultural Cottage.
  • To continue with quarterly internal Seminars and publish the papers.
  • Organize Conferences, Seminars and Workshops as the case may be and publish their proceedings e.g. Hausa Authors conference whereby the Centre will invite Hausa authors with a view to encouraging them to publish their works in order to boost the literature in Hausa.
  • Staff to conduct researches in their areas of specialization and disseminate research findings through publications.
  • Edit and translate some relevant manuscripts and materials into Hausa.
  • Organize training courses for translators and interpreters for media, advertising Companies, legislative arms etc.
  • Installing equipments and research facilities, lack of which is real impediment for the Centre.
  • Further establish linkages and collaboration with research and academic Centers nationally and internationally.
  • Collection of Hausa materials, classification and cataloguing them.

Our Mission

The Mission of Cibiyar Nazarin Hausa is to conduct, preserve, provide and publicize Research in the material and non-material culture of Hausa and its various discipline to the Academic and immediate as well as at national and international levels.

Our Vision

The Vision of CNH is to be recognized as a unique centre devoted to the study of one culture (Hausa) and its scientific and social segment and all it encompasses in various disciplines.


Prof. Sa’adiya Omar
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Professor Hamza A. Ainu
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Yunusa Ibrahim Adamu
CNH Librarian
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Ahmed Abdullahi Sokoto
Research Fellow 1
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Idris Labbo Gandi
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Umar Abubakar Bunza
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Nasiru Muhammad Mode
Graduate Assistant
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Umar Dantata Jabo
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Umar Abubakar
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