Welcome to the Office of the Vice-Chancellor !

The Vice-Chancellor is the Chief Academic and Executive Officer of the University. He has the general function of directing the activities of the University on both academic and non-academic matters. He is the Chairman of the University Senate, as well as many other important and high level Committees of the University. To assist him on his onerous duties, the Vice-Chancellor has two deputies: Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration).


It is my pleasure to welcome you to Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, a University known for its peaceful environment and academic excellence. You applied to come here because you wanted to have the best in both character development and learning. I, therefore, assure you that the Management and staff of this University are committed to helping you achieve your objectives. However, nothing can be achieved in the absence of peace. Without peace, the environment will not be conducive for learning; which you are primarily here for. I, therefore, trust that you will be disciplined and of good behaviour; attributes which students of the University are known for. On our own part, we will do everything within our resources to ensure your welfare so that your period of stay in the University will be both rewarding and enjoyable.
Prof. L.S. Bilbis
B.Sc., M.Sc., PhD


Apart from the Main Offices of the Vice-Chancellor and his deputies, there are a number of units under the Vice-Chancellor's Office Complex. These Units are:

This unit is responsible for planning duties concerning academic matters such as Academic Calendar, Budgeting and Liaison with the National Universities Commision.

This unit is responsible for the storage, analysis and retrieval of computerized infromation on students and staff records.

This Division is responsible for the security of the University property, staff and student.

This unit is responsible for general transportation arrangement in the University including students' transportation. The University Bus Management Committee co-ordinate the transportaion of students in liaison with the transport unit.

This Directorate serves as the Secretariat of the University’s Strategic Planning Committee and is responsible for overseeing the preparation, implementation and evaluation of the Strategic Plan of the University. It is also the Secretariat of the Anticorruption and Transparency Committee/unit (ACTU) whose main function is to assist the University authority to ensure that normal academic and other activities are conducted within a just and transparent atmosphere free from all forms of corruption and unethical conduct. The office also advises, from time to time the Vice Chancellor and Statutory committees of the University on matters concerning discipline of staff and students registration guidelines etc, as well as carrying out any other duties assigned by the Vice Chancellor.

The University lodges are for the accomodation and general welfare of University's guests.

This is responsible for the internal auditing and checking of University accounts.

There is a detailed entry on the Students Affairs elsewhere in this handbook.

An arm of the Vice-Chancellor's office, it deals with all University publications and relations with the public and mass media.

The Unit is responsible for coordinating the students' industrial work experience scheme in liaison with the Industrial Training Fund.

Dabagi farm is a demonstration farm that serves as a commercial outfit as well as the needs of various Faculties in terms of teaching and research.


No individual students or students' groups or associations, with the Vice-Chancellor. Such individual students or group of students should approach the Dean of Students' Affairs with their grievances or requests. The Dean of Students Affairs shall take necessary steps to satisfy the requests or solve the problems.

Where a need arises for a group of students, including the Students' Union Exco, to meet the Vice-Chancellor, the Dean of Students Affairs shall arrange the meeting after obtaining the consent of the Vice-Chancellor.

Notwithstanding these guidelines, it is the prerogative of the Vice-Chancellor to grant or refuse to grant the audience to any individual or group of students at any time.